how do i top up a dongle?

    I have a pay as you go vodaphone dongle and it needs topping up. How do i do it? lol.
    If i click top up by card it sends me to another page but then the option to top up a dongle dissapears, it does say top up mobile phone and this dongle has a number do i do it that way. thanks x


    Perhaps the website got errors on at moment?

    Maybe give them a call and top up that way.

    Use the number for your dongle to top up. That number will be tied to the SIM thats in your dongle so you shouldn't have any problems.

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    ok thanks you two, yes i think it was down when i tried before xx

    That vodafone webby is always down when I try to top up, have given up entirely now and always do it by phone.

    Dont forget minimum amount is £15.00 for 3 Gb as i know others who have lost money by trying to top up a tenners worth

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    oh i have bought £10 top up now doing online says cant validate voucher

    Oops, try calling them to see if you buy £5 extra if they can tranfer it to your account for internet usage. No where does it say a minimum amount when topping up. I only found out when I searched a few forums for a friend. She has now moved to 3 as better coverage and you can top up £10 for 1gig which is all she wanted :-)
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