how do i transfer old vhs home videos to dvd?

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Found 20th May 2008
I saw an ad in boots saying they can transfer your old home videos to dvds for £19.99 but i think this is a lil steep. Does anybody know where i can do this for cheaper? The thing is I have a cideo tape with 3 different holidays on and would like them on separate dvds so i dont really want to send them off over the internet as i dont know how i wud explain where one ended and where one began! I live in Leicester if this helps!! mucho appreciation guys!!

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do you have a dvd recorder?

PC method

yea.... geta chepo tv card (either usb or pci [for desktops only] ) connect up an old vcr to it via the composite cables and away u go! record save.... and burn to dvd.... total cost £10 for unlimited + u get a tv card

going from personal experience i'd go for a dvd recorder.

You can also buy a USB tv card thingy majig, that lets you record what ever you plug into it on the PC, then just burn it to disc, they normally have composite inputs.

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