How do I transport car parts?

Ok I need to transport several cars parts inc doors, boot, wheels - does anyone know how to do this- i'm assuming a conventional courier is going to be problematic?



Hiring a van is probably going to be the cheapest.

How far is the distance?

Hi, Hubby owns a van and has delivered similar items. Try your local paper for a 'man and van'. Not a lot of work about this time of year so will probably do a good deal.
Is it going local?

processed a bonnet today and other parts often come through might be pricey but try us (royal mail)


agreed man and van will do it or contact your local removals companies for quotes

they dont just do house removals

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Thanks for the suggestions - it's longish distance Midlands to London- and I can't afford the time to do it myself at the moment.

Didn't think of the removals firm option, will give that a go and see what the quotes are like.
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