How do i upload a photo on here

    hi, ive just put my nintendo wii on here and taken a picture with my iphone, ive uploaded the picture to my desktop and dragged the file down to the photo box, its telling my i need a valid url. Im a bit useless with all this stuff and im really struggling, can anyone help me? Thanks


    You need to upload with photobucket or similar pic hosting website,thats what I do anyway for my stuff I sell on here.

    [url][/url] use it to host your pics


    Use one of the free image hosting sites such as ]photobucket or ]imageshack & then paste the [img] link straight into the thread that you'll get once your photos are uploaded from your PC or mobile


    upload to [url][/url], resize pic to medium or large, copy the last link (image url) into post, pics dont work in opening post so always reserve next post, to edit to add pics, each post will hold 5 pics

    ( Sigma's image! ta )
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