how do i upload photos to sell a wii u on here?

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Found 5th Jan
i have my sons black wii u 32gb plus games and gamepad and disney infinity plus loads of figures for it. how do i upload the photos to here?



Upload them from your device to an online image host (eg tinypic, photobucket, imageshack etc)

Help link : hotukdeals.com/fee…598

You can show your username and date beside the items on a piece of paper when taking the photo - this shows that they are in your possession and current condition which will help with the sale.

Post full size images in the first post of the thread when you submit the thread - it won't count as a bump.

Any issues use the report link on the submitted trade thread and we can assist further

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i had them all out and took photos without my name on a piece if paper beside them all. can i just add my name and date onto the photo with an app like cymera to save me getting them all out again, theres loads!


Hi do an additional group shot showing all the items with your username and date actually beside them in the shot, you don't need to retake all the individual close-ups. Editing your username and date retrospectively doesn't show that they are in your possession / current condition.

trade forum guidelines hotukdeals.com/for…037

it does help members sell their items when buyer can see the condition etc.

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the items are all in really good condition my son hardly uses it now. could i just take a photo with the console with a piece of paper beside it with my name and date on it and just the games? its to save me getting out all the infinity figures again


as mentioned previously because the username and date were added retrospectively it doesn't show that the item is in your possession and it's current condition..

Sig tell paul to either get hukd on tapatalk or offer pic uploads on the app tell him it's 2017 not 1975

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thanks i managed to do it and upload pics of all items.

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