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How do i use pi-hole with virgin media?

Posted 11th Dec 2021
Just got virgin media installed today and but want to use pihole. I already got my asus ac68u router working by setting virgin media router in modem mode but not sure how to get the pihole working.
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    Nevermind, got it working. Just had to change settings to point to the pihole ip address
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    I found it a bit of a faff, went back to an ad blocker.
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    Fumar11/12/2021 10:05

    I found it a bit of a faff, went back to an ad blocker.

    I use both and as you cant use adblockers on some devices like TVs so this helps and it also means if some family members dont have any adblockers this covers it.
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    Any advice on setting it up on the Hub 5? Struggling with dhcp settings...
    How are you trying to set it up? If you give your pihole a manual address you shouldn’t have to worry about DHCP settings.
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    Depends how you're setting up your pihole. I let my router continue to be the DCHP server. I then change the DNS on the devices I want to use the Pihole rather than setting the router to use the pihole as a DNS.
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