How do I water cool GPU?

Posted 29th Jan
I know how to build pcs been doing this since college days. Just been out of touch with pc building for the past 10 years.

I was looking at doing a PC gaming build and I have seen this gpu…tml

How would I liquid cool that? Does the card come with the pipes and stuff or do I buy a cooler?
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You would buy parts for a closed loop system including pumps, coolant, tubing, radiator... plenty of video guides on YouTube about it.

You can also get graphics cards that include an all in one water cooler if you want to go down that route such as…tml
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Bucket of water.. from the cold water tap
Best advice - ask that question on a dedicated forum. The site you linked have a forum with a dedicated section on water cooling. No better place to ask for advice

To briefly answer your question - you need pipes / coolant / pump / radiator at the very least. You can buy them as a package or as a kit, but you’ll get the best advice on a dedicated forum.
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