How do I work out prices of old?

    My dads got a Longines watch that he bought my mum in 1985 for £363.75. Is there a way of finding out what £363.75 in 1985 is worth now? I would of thought there would be a website with a formula, but I can't find one.

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    I think what you want to know cannot be done with a currency value calculator. You really ought to have a valuer look at it. Just because you paid £363.75 for it doesnt mean it will be worth the equivalent of 1985 currency today .

    Try this out…asp

    In 1985, £363.75 would have the same spending worth of today's £731.14

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    Try this out … Try this out :) 1985, £363.75 would have the same spending worth of today's £731.14

    That's great. Have some rep. I know you can't say that the cost then would be the same now. I was just interested. I thought he was fairly tight, but obviously not!
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