How do people get promo games?

I see alot of people selling promo full games.

How do they get them?


i would like to know aswell

Me too!

yeah, me to ;-)

yeah, me too ;-)

Its a case of who you know not what you know :thumbsup:


do u get these if u work in game shops or something

They are usually given to reviewers and people who test the games, Sony sometimes advertses jobs as their game testers where they will send the promo's out to you

I know of one computer game shop that gets them in but it's often few and far between


do u get these if u work in game shops or something

More likely as an entertainment distributer, I used to get tons of promo stuff, a lot of it gets passed onto a guy based in Nottingham who deals in remainder stock, he sells it to car booters, market traders, pound shops etc :thumbsup:

Would be nice if I got them.

You sometimes get given them at events by publishers. EA were giving away copies of Def Jam Icon at Download festival.

I used to get the odd one from game reps when I worked in a computer store, but they were few and far between - most were for store competitions, and things, and we only got them if the reps were feeling particularly generous (mostly the Ubisoft guy, Ray :thumbsup:)

Got a couple from events like our conference aswell...

Comet B2B dept were selling them to staff for charity when i worked there

My friend worked in hmv for work experience and got given Just Cause (just came out) and some other dvd's and cd's for free :thumbsup:

Likewise my friend worked as the games manager for a large retailer and got invited to games conferences and launch events where he would get given promo copys, at the time he never had a xBox so he used to pass them to me, great stuff
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