How do pizza hut takeaway serve desserts?

Found 10th Dec 2009
So my local pizza hut has just started accepting vouchers online so im going to indulge on saturday. I was wondering how they serve desserts from the takeaway? because i would like to get the hot cookie dough but i dont want to have to put it in my pocket as it will be messy. How will it stay hot while i eat my pizza?. any help appreciated:-)
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I'm guessing one of those metalic lined paper bags.

Duno, just about to pick up a Domino's later using the 33% off code :thumbsup:
The cookie dough came in a small box when we ordered.
It comes i a small box inside the old garlic bread bags.

Make sure its not burnt though!!
The cookie dough is lush..!
they just squash it on top of your pizza in the same box

on a similar subject i wanted to order a chinese how will the rice remain hot while i eat my curry as i don't like to mix the two suppose i can sit on the carton while i eat the curry
Eat the cookie dough at the counter, then order your pizza or whatever order you wish

They also deliver too.....:w00t
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