How Do Rakuten Points Work?

Can someone please explaing the Rakuten points to me? I bought the Wii U Basic Party pack at £169 and got a game at the same time. The total came to around £175 and I got 183 points for that.

Now I just tried to buy a game £41 and wanted to use my points against it and it only offered to take off £1.83, suggesting that the points are worth a penny each. That's a long way from the £25 I was expecting to get based on advice on these forums!


You take advice from gaming fanboys on here ?
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1p a point last time I used them,where did you get advised about the other offering?


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From t&c's.

Super Points earned as a result of this promotion will be made available within 72 hours of the Qualifying Spend being achieved.
Super Points earned as a result of this promotion must be redeemed on rakuten.co.uk before 11.59pm on Wednesday 31st December 2014. Any SuperPoints earned as a result of this promotion which are not redeemed by this date will be cancelled.


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Thanks redcantona, alas it appears I bought the items too early (Nov 13th) and missed the 25% offer :-(
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