How do some of u get so many clubcard points?

    just had my vouchers £18 and was wondering how some of u afford hols etc on these?i have 5 kids and spend a fortune there!!can someone tell me how they get them please?



    I have just got a lot of points, but thats because we ordered a bed from tesco direct.

    You can use the extra points codes on your online shopping (although there arent any around at the moment) instead of money off, it works out better in the long run

    You get points for recycling ink cartridges

    You get points for trading in old mobile phones

    Some items are on 'extra points if you buy 2' types of offers, and people stock up on them

    ecoupons are worth more than in store ones.... thats what i found

    Tesco do Clubcard Deals where you can trade you're Tesco voucher in for money off places like legoland, alton towers, etc.…ls/

    normally your voucher is worth four times as much in 'deals' - so an £18 voucher would get you £72 in vouchers for something else.

    you can order a free brochure from tesco:…296

    Hope that helps.

    Get Tesco Credit Card and buy all your stuff on that and you will get clubcard points on everything you buy. Use it in Tescos with your clubcard and get double (itmay be more) points for your weekly shop. Make sure you pay it off before the interest hits though.
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