how do u submit a deal????

Posted 6th Dec 2008
Excuse me for been so thick but how do u submit a deal yes its my first time @ submitting one can't work it out though by the way am not blonde .!!!
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Click the big red 'submit' button :-)

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Just click the big red submit button on the top left of your screen, choose deals and choose the shop that the deal's from and just fill out the form.:thumbsup:
click the red "submit" botton
pick "deals"
then type in the shops name eg "play"

Then just fill in the boxes regarding the deal.
Do exactly the same you did just now, but select deals
what wud us gals do without you men??? fanxs boys !! i will try n work it out !!
There's a walk through guide on how to submit a deal here

yeah i have n gone on deals but still can't work it out .... yes i am a adult ..LOL

Click Submit
Choose Deals
Enter all required info, price, details of offer, link to deal in online etc etc...
And click the button at the bottom of the page..
remember to uncheck the multiuser cross in control aswell ...:whistling:

There's a direct link in my signature (3rd one in list) to the relevant help topic if you need some more information :thumbsup:
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