how do you

    get a post bumped ...
    im sure ive read here somewhere you can get it done a maximum of 2 times per post


    You simply post a thread as usual and write 'bump' in the space.

    Hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    thanks suze

    This is in relation to threads on the 'FS/FT' forum.

    Everytime you post in a thread, it is 'bumped' to the top of the forum.
    You can do this a maximum of 2 times in a thread in total, this is so that it is fair to others that have things For sale/ For trade.

    People try and get around it by posting pointless posts, and requesting members ask questions that they could've wrote earlier.

    One particular Seller is asking people to e-mail him/her for pictures of the item he is selling, he asks this reguarly instead of posting a picture in the thread. Everytime he writes this, he/she gets a free bump, as well as thanking people who write something positive in his/her thread.
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