how do you add channels on a eurovox

    hey people
    ive installed channels on my eurovox ex1100 usb
    and only 30 have come
    i also done the setup right and there is no signal for the channels
    i dont have a clue how to make the channels work


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    Are you using a splitter, and are you using the correct mbaub symbol???

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    all the leads are correct and im using a splitter
    but the signal and channels is all goone crazy

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    To get more channels take your splitter off and do your scan that way........

    What signal % are you getting???

    Make sure all your connections are in properly....

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    28 percent

    Then check your cable input, is the connection ok, do you have it in the correct hole in the back of your box......

    That is why you are not picking up channels........

    You need your signal to be about 80%....

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    howw do i check my cable input
    sorry for all the questions

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    poolielad where are you mate?

    pay for a subscription you pikey


    pay for a subscription you pikey

    ROFL... straight to the point m8... nearly spat out my tea laughing at that one !

    Yes as mentioned remove the splitter and unplug virgin box and modem. Now do scan. If signal strength still low chance the cable from the one from your virgin box and try again.

    Ps hope you haven't just bought this box as in the near future it will be not much good to you.

    make sure it is going inth the rf in sockek, tighten up the nut on the lead, one which come from your white box on the wall...... having a low signal like that is all to do with your connections mate....

    thieving scumbag.

    pay for your cable channels like the rest of us have to


    clsed at request

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