How do you become a mod?

    Just a thought, how can you become a mod?



    fill in the application form

    cash in a brown envelope

    You are chosen!

    You have to have failed at every other job available to be considered mod material.

    Suck their clocks

    Or watches.


    Buy a scooter with lots of mirrors.

    In b4 a mod comes in with a mildly funny response

    Pm your CV to me.


    quiet lol in advanceHey cwis!!!!!!!!!!!! U ok?

    Hey girl. Way long time. That was COM time!! (Wonder if she is still pregnant )

    I see your strategy nicster!!

    @ Whizzy : Pregnant - probably - that's the nature of the phantom! Opera or what??

    Post a HELL of alot of hot deals!

    Buy a scooter, and start taking amphetamines

    I think you have to contact them, explaining why, what you'd bring to the table etc, I'd quite like to be one too!

    Some may let the power to their head though!

    Edited by: "richx45" 9th Oct 2010

    ROFL!!! You have to be ....... Errrrrr, in some cases VERY mildly amusing with your thought process! xxxx
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