How do you browse Hukd?

    I go forum by forum, first I check the comments and suggestions sections (in case anything big is going on!), then hop into the misc section. Then it's up to check out the hot deals...that's where I spend most of my time. Quick look in the deal requests and trade sections, very quick look in freebies. I don't go in 'Odds Are' at all...then it's back to misc for a quick look at new posts and then off!


    i look down the front page, then forums, then into misc and then deal requests. thats about it really.

    I browse HUKD with my eyes! lol

    Really, I goto Misc first, have a ganders, goto hot deals, have a look there, back to misc to see kelly_fanatic has replied to every post in there! :w00t: lol, love ya really!!!

    I just switch between misc & hot deals. I like to have a look in For Sale forum too! :thumbsup:

    Straight To The Forum.

    Front page, refreshing to get all the newest deals then to the forum - misc

    If any mobile deals have popped up in RSS I check those first.

    Then it's straight to the mod section, then commetns and suggestions, then up to Hot Deals. I open them all at once but read them in that order.

    I then start to jet off to other websites to see if there's any mobile hunting to be done.


    I have the hot deals health and beauty section bookmarked, so first its that section, then I check fashion deals, go to the forum and check my user cp, then I browse misc, freebies, deals and deal requests

    :giggle: at birdy - I am cutting back! Not aaaaaaaaaaall the posts have me as last poster now

    I go straight to forums, usually misc and comments first, then freebies, deals, deal requests. At the same time I am opening emails to check for any deal alerts, or deals I could post

    If I have any PMs then I check them first though.

    Check rep whenever it is that I remember!

    *Posts so Kelly is not the last poster in this thread :-D *

    I check the front page, then come into the forum, check the Hot deals section and the musings section.


    *Posts so Kelly is not the last poster in this thread :-D *

    Lol! :giggle: That made me smile!

    I normally browse forums by using the new/updated posts links, so that I ensure I do not miss any threads. However sites like this one which are phenomenally busy mean it is not a good idea to do that (plus this forum does have those buttons as far as I can see).

    This means I normally resort to sticking in the specific forums I am interested in: here it is "deals" and not a lot else (time issues), and on MSE similar forums plus the odd specific interest or where I have knowledge to give (rare as that is).
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