How do you build a gaming pc for less than 400 pound?

Found 3rd Feb 2013
I am looking for a gaming pc. I am prepared to build one myself but have no experience in selecting parts.
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You don't, for a semi decent low spec gaming PC your talking around £500 for a diy PC and around £500-£600 for a prebuilt.

For a general guide on prices go to the websites below and take bout £50-£100 off if your gonna build it yourself



You can, check out this article eurogamer.net/art…-pc as you can see they done it for 300 pound
Depends what games you play
X4 965 cpu £70
Amd 7770 gpu £85
4gb ram £25
Motherboard £55
Case psu £65
Dvd £ 20
7200 rpm hard drive £45
Do you have other computers at the moment that are dated you could use some components from their, dvd, hard drive and possibly the case depending on what it is.

If you did make a thread of what you've got most are very helpful here.

Do you have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, Do you have any software the operating system can be expensive.

What are your expectations of what you want the machine to do/play. Battlefield 3 at 60 fps +?

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For modern PC gaming, these components (in order) will have the biggest impact on your gaming experience.

1. Video card. In certain games the video card will be doing more work than the rest of the system put together. Skimp on the video card and game performance will suffer. You will not be able to regain this lost performance by spending money elsewhere in the system. A good-spec video card coupled with a modest CPU will give better games performance than a modest video card and a high-spec CPU. As an example, a friend's Core 2 based PC with an nVidia GTX275 card can wipe the floor with my quad-core i7 PC (fitted with an nVidia GTS250) when it comes to gaming. Personally I'd be looking spending around 25% of your budget here (and probably secondhand too, I'd be looking at an nVidia GTX560 or similar).

2. Memory/RAM. You might have thought this would be further down the list than it is, and here's why. Modern operating systems like lots of memory to work with. If the physical memory (RAM) fills up, your OS will start to use temporary space on your hard disk. As soon as this happens you have a performance bottleneck due the fact that data can take upto 1,000,000 times longer to access/read/write on a hard disk than stored in RAM. Access time for HDs is measured in milliseconds whereas access time for physical RAM is measured in nanoseconds. What this all means is your system will take a major performance dive if you don't have enough memory fitted, and it wouldn't matter one bit how fast your processor is because as soon as your hard disk is used for working space it becomes a crippling performance bottleneck and your game is probably knackered. You want a minimum of 4GB, 8GB will guarantee smooth performance if you have other applications running in the background.

3. Processor/CPU. AMD or Intel? Your choice, but at a minimum you really want a dual-core 64-bit CPU. Intel Core 2 Duos and Core 2 Quads may not be the latest or greatest but they are perfectly usable in a decent gaming PC if you've taken the advice above and bought a good video card and lots of memory. Remember that for gaming purposes the video card frequently does more work than the CPU, so your choice of CPU won't have as much of an impact as your choice of video card. I'd choose a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz (E6600) as the bare minimum spec that will give you decent playability.

As antony4462 suggested, you can save cash if you can recycle some old PC parts. If you don't already have a PC then I'd be looking for a second-hand base unit and I'd want to spend up to £150 on a unit with the best spec CPU I could find. That would leave £250 to buy memory, a fairly high-spec video card and any other things you might need such as a monitor, storage.
CustomPC magazine tends to do some budget gaming PC builds. It may be worth having a nosey through one the next time your in the supermarket.

Also what resolution of monitor are you going to use? If it isn't too high then you don't need an all bells and whistles GFX card, a 7770 or 550ti would probably be enough.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys

Depends what games you play

I'm building a gaming rig got a lot of parts on deals.
Case from maplins refurb £15 Asus motherboard
Ebay £26. Amd FX4100 £50 CeX .I did buy a Radeon
HD6450 but I'm going to go for something better.
Got a sata hard drive and dvd drive from my old pc.
Need a power supply still and 8gb of ram.

Budget rig which would prob be around £300 for all
The parts if you shop around on the net.

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