how do you call this, please?

    Only 2 usb ports from the back of my computer work, and the round port for the mouse doesn´t work either, which means that I have printer, home hub and mouse to share 2 ports, therefore I have to unplug something if I want to print something while I am connected to the internet. Absolutely prehistoric. There must be something so that you can connect two devices to the same usb port, but I can´t do a search because I don´t even know what they are called. Any ideas please, apart from buying a new computer:giggle: Thank you


    external usb port, mine holds 4.

    Something like ]this?

    Also, if one of your peripherals happens to have a female USB port then you can daisy chain your USB devices together.

    Or if you are comfortable opening up the PC you can add an internal set if you have the space for a ]spare PCI card

    Not without powering those devices you can't, they will malfunction USB ports can only self power peripherals with small power requirements, once you start daisy chaining them together there isn't enough juice and all hell breaks loose..

    You need a mains powered USB hub but even those don't like too many devices plugged in at any one time so looks like you could do with replacing your motherboard...:)

    LED shoppe have some amazing prices on usb hubs. If your just plugging in 2/3 devices then you will be fine. I will find the link out for you. I have just received my package from LED Shoppe this morning and am well impressed with the items.

    I got a 2.0 5 port USB PCI card, 1 pocket sized very powerful LED torch, one small but amazingly bright clip on desk light and 3 free laser pointers and a belt strap for my torch, all delivered from Hong Kong in less than 7 days for £8 for the whole lot!!!!!! What a bargain!!!!

    Here you go mate, this is what you need, will solve all your problems for just $5 delivered within 7 days to your door. I can vouch along with many many other people on this forum that this company is 100% genuine.…htm

    Oh and they accept PayPal for easy payment if you prefer. Alos before making your purchase, go to the home page and sign up for their newsletter to get a free laser pointer with your first order.

    Umm, assuming that the printer and home hub are mains powered (not unlikely) that hardly calls for a new mobo does it? Even forgetting daisy chaining that's over doing it. An external hub will be fine.

    Ive got a spare drug rep one at home somewhere which is a 4 way extension, you can have that if you want, let me know and ill post it to you.

    will that port hub thing be ok to use more usb devices?

    That is what they are for mate, I have only got 4 ports on the back of one of my PC's and they are tight together. So I can only really use 2 of them, (3 at a push if they are not all bulky adapters), so I plug my USB hub in and connect my bluetooth adapter, printer and scanner through the hub. While leaving my internet wireless adapter and mouse connected direct to the PC.

    Original Poster


    Ive got a spare drug rep one at home somewhere which is a 4 way … Ive got a spare drug rep one at home somewhere which is a 4 way extension, you can have that if you want, let me know and ill post it to you.

    What is a drug rep? Excuse me if I am asking the obvious, my computer knowledge is rather...ancient

    Lol, I think he is talking about sales reps give him gifts for letting them in to his place of work do their sales pitch, hence he has got a spare USB hub that he has been left by a rep that he has no use for.

    the usb socket that plug in and make 4 are in the pound shop.

    In the end I bought a d link slot for £28.00 and man put it in. Its dead easy and you just put the software on for them

    I damaged all three of my usb and they all ended up not working.

    So i have now got two back but I'm on last chance if I break these then its a new laptop.

    I don't know what the four way sockets are like from pound shop.
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