How do you cheer yourself up?

    Im feeling somewhat down and decided to shop to make myself feel better, I also have my daily happy pill but it hasnt kicked in yet!! what do you do to cheer yourself up?


    get some fresh air, then come back and listen to music / make beats or watch anchorman


    come here the site and post some drivvel:giggle: makes me laugh

    music cheers me up:-D
    althou my speakers acting suspect today and not quite working :thinking:

    put on a dvd that i like and eat chocolate

    Get my laser pen and send my dog crazy Hours of fun and good exersize for the dog

    That would be telling!

    Over the weekend we looked through all our old photos (Going to scan the favourites into the computer and make them into a couple of kodak photo books) and that was great! Really cheered me up

    Go for a run, walk on the beach, phone a friend, watch a feel good movie.

    I usually buy something, I work quite gruelling shifts so when I come off shift I usually 'compensate' myself by forking out for something.


    Original Poster

    I decided to look at wedding dresses, that made me happy

    Think if I started doing that hubby would get a little perplexed ;-)

    Not easy living away from your family. I did it for a couple of years until I eventually moved back home

    Durring the day I go around to my sisters and take her dog for a walk. If it's night time I go for a dance! :giggle:

    As Daniel Powter would say...

    "Because you had a bad day
    You're taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around."

    So, I actually find that singing a sad song can sometimes help, quite ironically. Maybe it's the fact that everyone has their problems, and you actually feel like someone shares your sorrows.

    Or ring up a friend you haven't spoken to in a while.

    I enjoy a good moan on MSN too. Unfortunately my friends know this too well and it happens extremely often (my nights on MSN start off OK then descend into a horrible moany saga) but it really does make me feel better. They'll either give you some great advice or help join in at moaning about what is annoying you lol.

    Anyway... this is a long post and I don't see it going anywhere so I will hit submit.


    window shop on the net and eat comfort foods
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