how do you clean inside your pc?

a few of my pc's gather some serious dust,

and i always used canned air, but @ £6 a pop it aint cheap

i have read some say use a hoover or use a air compressor

but is a air compressor not to strong,

anyone got any links to cheap canned air ?


I use my dyson


Aye hoover, or if you want to canned air it costco sell it in bulk if you know anyone with a card. :thumbsup:

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i keep getting told a hoover will cause static and to maybe use a 60 psi air compressor

i just use air, and hoover the fans and outside of case,

always used a hoover with slim attachment

never had a prob

try using a haridryer to blow the dust out, then hoover up the dust that has come out onto the floor, works 4 me.

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the pc just exploded on its own, honestly :-D i never hoovered it @ all promise lol


lol everyone seems to do it.. i think i'll wait till hes out then do … lol everyone seems to do it.. i think i'll wait till hes out then do them:thumbsup: what he dont know wont hurt

just give it a good blow:thumbsup:

static is only a problem if you're not grounded
i use a grounding strap then a soft brush to free the dust and a hoover with crevice tool to collect the dust.
i did this for a neighbour a few months ago because his pc was overheating as the fan was completely clogged. he was so impressed he decided to do it himself last week and couldn't get all the dust out of the fan/heatsink so he removed it and took it outside to clean. he couldn't get it back on properly and didn't want to burden me again so he figured out how to stick it to the processor, he used bluetack !!!

needless to say he now needs a new processor and possible a new motherboard as well if this was damaged during his spring clean

I use my diy canned air version, blue peter style, blow a balloon up with a pump (£1 wilko's) dont blow it up by mouth as moisture will enter and then be dispersed in the next step! so

1. Blow balloon up with pump
2. Stick straw in neck of balloon
3. Aim at dust
4. Dust is now removed

I do this weekly as having a coal fire means the pc sucks in loads of ****!

i take sides of and use duster.

i've just hadf an idea

take your pc to a garage an use the air thingy , they are free in shell so it will cost u nowt .

i know them air compressors give a sharp bust of air . can anyone try this and let me know if it works as i will jusyt take the pc next time i fill up ;-)

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i did say i was going to buy a small air compressor lol but was told it may be just a bit to strong i was told maybe a 60 psi version

sherll oil (garage , it)
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