How do you clean your PC screen

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Found 10th Nov 2006
For months now I have tried to clean my Laptop screen with variou:oops: s solutions and a dry duster but I still seem to have marks on it...Is there anyone out there who can suggest anything that they use that does the job??

Many Thanx Alan


whatever you end up using, be careful not to apply much presure, as this will damage the lcd screen


How do you get marks on the screen - eliminate this happening and your problem should be solved.

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Eggman..............not really the comment I was hoping for!

May seem weird, but I use some kitchen roll, with water..

Then once the marks are off, I use a dry piece of Kithen Roll on it to dry it. It leaves the screen absolute perfect. Been doing this 4 years, never a problem!

PS. It's an LCD too!

I do as MattC does and never had a problem. As long as it's not a soaking wet kitchen towel and you wipe the screen gently, it's an easy inexpensive way to clean it.

I start at the top from left to right of the screen, then the same for dry wipe.

Christmasshopper's idea is also free [well almost, guess you could always borrow one ;-)].



Eggman..............not really the comment I was hoping for!

It is correct tho'. - I hate fingers being stabbed onto the screen - even clients do it.
Eliminate the cause.
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