How do you configure the XBOX360 controller to play RPG (Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Fable, etc) PC games ?

I have got an XBOX 360 wired controller, when I play racing games in the PC it works with no issues and all the buttons are mapped.

But whenever I tried to play RPG games the controller does not work. In fact is not even in the list of possible controllers. So I can't even map the buttons.

I don't get it how come if you can play these games in the XBOX360 and PS3 with a controller why can I not do the same in the PC.

Any ideas how to configure this?


They are more complex on PC than on games consoles.

Google is your best bet or just use mouse and keyboard as intended for PC versions

Or buy a gamepad for PC designed for PC the 360 controller was not designed for PC really.
Some of the PC gamepads offer more mapping options through their software best is to use a very good mouse with a keyboard


OMG just use mouse and Keyboard!

Only things you should use controllers for are Racing games on a PC!
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