How do you deal with damaged/defective goods bought @ Amazon Marketplace?

I received my camera tripod today, but the carry case is not sewn together properly and the Over Shoulder strap has seperated from the case. (this is the first time i have received damaged goods from an online purchase) What is the procedure when the goods are bought from an AMAZON MARKETPLACE seller?


just contact the seller, they will probably understand.

Contact Amazon, they will give a full refund no questions asked. :thumbsup:


Contact Amazon, they will give a full refund no questions asked. … Contact Amazon, they will give a full refund no questions asked. :thumbsup:

or that lol

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thanks for the replies.
I have e-mailed the seller as a first port of call, should i fail to receive a satisfactory reply is there a time limit as to how soon i'd need to contact amazon for them to refund?

i would give them 24 hours to respond to your email, if they don't respond by then, email them to let them know you are contacting amazon if you don't hear from them within the next 24 hours then if you still don't hear back go and contact amazon - most sellers on there are pretty good and amazon have always responded fairly when i have contacted them so you should be ok, just will take a few days to sort out - good luck!

I would contact the seller first, see what their response is and if its not what you want then contact amazon

I received a CD recently in a broken case (the inside of the case was broken and the pieces werent there, so not happened during transit). I contacted the seller and they had no problem, just asked if I wanted to send it back for a full refund or they could just send me out a replacement case free of charge. I opted for the case and received it without a problem.



Its all there bargain surfer. Just read. You need total clarification on this matter and know what you have to use against them in case something goes sour.

Why havnt you read them already might i ask?
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