How do you find out whos looking at your profile on Facebook?

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Found 22nd May 2011
I get messages on how to see this but never actually tried it. How do i find out whos stalking me?

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They are all viruses, there is no way to find out, it's all down to privacy laws and stuff.
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I thought that too
One of my friends posted a link to install the app thing or whatever it is but it wanted me to complete a survey and sign up to some crap first. I was only curious but I'm not that gullible and left it.
From my knowledge most fb add ons are virus's

Why would you care?

you can't know who saw your profile. You won't know what you look like in the future. You won't know what that man saw when he walked in on his daughter. And you can't see the leaked video of Osama's killing.
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