Posted 20th Nov 2012
I've (ahem) 'inadvertently' used a new e-mail address to take advantage of a Tesco new customer offer giving bonus Clubcard points.

I would like to check the points are in my account and, when the quarter ends, use them for a 4x deal online. However I can't log in to the Clubcard account without giving the Clubcard number.

But registration did not provide a Clubcard number. And I know from before that I won't receive a Clubcard, since I already have one in my name. I don't think the delivery note includes the full Clubcard number. And I don't want to ring Customer Service about this since it can be rather awkward when you have numerous e-mail addresses logged with them for different accounts.

So, how do you find out Clubcard numbers for accounts that you only set up to get a points bonus? Registration did provide a 8-digit 'Customer ID'. I've tried inserting this into what might be a standard Clubcard number format, but no luck.

I've just noticed a slightly earlier thread on Tesco which seems to have got many peoples backs up, so I'll expire this.
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