how do you find someone on hotmail?

    Im sure you used to be able to search on hotmail for someone.
    I cant find it - was given someone's email address but have forgotten the numbers in it. any pointers? its a address


    Nothing you can do if you don't have the full email address,


    in one word... No

    could you not search for them on a searching for old friends site then send them a messgage through there for them to contact you? thats if you know there name of course

    Leave it mate, those thai ladyboys are not worth the grief:oops::oops:

    Original Poster

    Oh you are all soooooo funny!!!
    its not and its a very genuine query.
    you lot are so cynical!!!

    I know his name, age, occupation, - all of which he told me - including his email address which I thought I would remember so didnt write it down - might have been cos I had lunch with him afterwards - he did tell me more than once and now my mind is very blank! should have written it down straight away!
    Kicking myself!!!

    Might they be on facebook or something Aquatic - you could contact them through that

    EDIT - doh, bambo already said that :oops:

    Original Poster

    nope - not there. Will just have to be patient and hope he finds me!
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