How Do You Get A John Lewis Tv Pricematch

Found 27th Jul 2007
will they only pricematch actual stores or will they do internet as well
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You need to ring their CS or your local store. Takes a few days i believe
Their web-site states they will not match internet

[COLOR=DarkGreen]"We do not price match with outlets which are not conventional shops, e.g. membership clubs, market stalls, duty free shops, mail order catalogues or the Internet. We do not match closing down sales as these are not trading as normal shops."[/COLOR]

I had John Lewis pricematch a TV for me about 6 months ago, as boydent999 says they don't match internet stuff, but keep searching for the product that you want and find a store anywhere that does it, I suggest checking on all of the "about us" parts of the internet retailers, some of them do have a store(s)

Once you find the best deal just take the details of the store in to them (contact number etc.) and the assistant will fill in a form with the details, John Lewis will then write to you in a few days once they have confirmed (or not) the cheaper price.

They added the retailers postage costs to my area on to the cost for the TV although I still saved over a hundred pounds and got my 5 year guarantee.

Good luck
i just phone my local store, told them which store had the product i wanted and how much. they took some details off me and phoned me in about five days to say ok.
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