How do you get heat?

    Just wanted to know really, im quite new. Is it by adding a deal yourself then people vote how hot it is?


    yes and rep is when people click on the small logo by your name.

    to left of people's avatar are at least 3 icons (a flame - online/offline, a set of scales - rep/heat, a roadsign - to report a post). click the scales and it will add rep to a persons user. this is usually in response to people replying with help/advice etc though can be for anything!!

    to add heat to a deal click the red up arrow, neutral heat = grey and negative/cold is blue

    Hiya, mungosplodge. There is a FAQs in the HUKD Tips and Help section down the right in a box.
    Oh include your name if you want the person that you've repped to know that it's you, otherwise they won't.


    yes and rep is when people click on the small logo by your name.

    They are scales!;-)


    gotta be hot

    Original Poster

    Wicked guys, its nice to see a website thats actually full of helpfull people! I will heat you all right up for your replies... (if i can work out how to !)
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