how do you get hoisin sauce like you do in restaurants, I have bought 4 and there all like treacle ??

    there all thick and really strong tasting not like you get even in chinese takeaways ,
    they tast awful, even the ones from the chinese supermarkets, anyone know where to get nice ones ?


    why not just go to the chinese and ask for some, thats what we do

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    really ??? how much do they chage if you don't mind me asking

    they havent as yet, we go there about once maybe twice a week anyway, i suppose if they know you quite well they dont mind

    I buy sharwoods sauce from sainsburys, a wee bit stronger/thicker than at restaurants, but still does the job. Could possibly water it down?

    Is it for pancakes, because that is a mixture not just hoisin.
    The hoisin they use in restaurants is amoy in a red and white tin.

    Have you tried watering it down a touch?
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