How do you get paid with quidco?

Found 25th Jan 2009
i joined quidco a while ago and have £14 in the account, its been there ages, when does it transfer into your paypal account, i cant see where to contact them on their site, can anyone help?

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Check in your account settings that you have not set it to a limit before it pays you.

Its at the bottom of your settings title. Set minimum payout to £1.00

Hope this helps if not message me

set up BACS
ah had to do that myself
ok it was on £0.00 i changed it to £1.00 , hopefully that will sort it out, thanks a lot for all your replys:)
just changed mine too, hopefully I'll finally get my hands on that £13.02 that's been sitting there for the last 2 months:w00t:
Locking this now, please refer to the Quidco thread here: hotukdeals.com/ite…ot/ if you need any further help, or use the quidco.com help section.

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