how do you hyperlink a certain word

    when reading through these forums i sometimes see that a word like "here" has been made into a hyperlink. Can anyone tell me how to do this on here. I have tried using but it doesn't work.


    [URL=""]click here[/URL]

    Like That ^^

    well just type what you want it to say, highlight and click the web link button and iput link

    highlight the word you want to hyperlink then insert link

    Original Poster

    Original Poster


    I was going to reply to you with a link to google images "show off" but good job I looked first...


    oh wow I just learnt something new today!


    oh wow I just learnt something new today!

    This comment is nothing without a ]Hyperlink

    i'm thick - can't do it - but g/f is yabbering in my ear while i'm trying

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