how do you know if your GTA LCS is unpatched version

    just out of curiousty as my OH wants to downgrade his psp and we dont have a clue how to do it but i heard you could downgrade using an unpatched version of LCS

    thanks in advance all you guys and gals



    Put it in...go to the game tab and see what version update it says

    2.00 = unpatched

    2.60 = patched

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    thanks guys mine is unpatched how do i downgrade without this game any help gratefully received

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    also how do i know which version of lummunies is patched thanks a lot
    ps sorry about the spelling

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    sorry wrong end of the stick as mine is unpatched how do i downgrade my psp


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    ive tried but it makes no sense to me...


    I'll help if you want, what firmware is your PSP?
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