How do you know what's a better TV?

Posted 30th Nov
There's so many different specs, HDR formats, Dolby options, picture options, LED, OLED etc. How does one know which TV is better?
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Nothing will beat going into a richer sounds or John Lewis and getting a good look at them. You'll find 1 or 2 will surprise you. But to answer your question, it's all down to needs and preferences, what's better to me may not suit you, ie the ol' QLED V OLED "jimmy white" again.
You asked, "How does one know which TV is better?"

Before this step, you need to write down what (and why) you think your needs are, a shopping list of requirements.
There are a million guides explaining all the standards and the technology, just google it

QLED/LED have come along way but are still backlit, watch a bright object moving across a pitch black sky and your see why they can't compete with OLED, downside to OLED is you can get permanent image retention.
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Think of a few things, Do you have older devices ' Wii or DVD player '. Do you play console games or watch football ? Do you want SMART features, These are applications built into the TV such as Youtube, Iplayer or Netflix. Are you going to be using Sky Q or any broadcast at 4k, like Sky Q, Netflix HD or UHD BluRay. What space do you have available.
Go to you tube and search for HDTV test.
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