How do you lower your Sky Monthly Bill?

Found 8th Jun 2011
Basically we currently pay around £60+ for our Sky package, which we have been on for over a decade. Currently it has 1 x Sky HD & 1 x Sky + on it. Just wondered if anyone recently has had any luck phoning up cancellations, and going through the whole I'm leaving story?

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threaten to cancel say virgin have offered cheaper, or even just say you cant afford it at the moment, pretty much make anything up and try daily as different advisors offer different offers.

good luck let us know how you get on.
I was paying 66.00 a month for HD, extra room etc. We now pay 24.50 I think and really dont miss sports and films. Best thing we ever did.
I called Monday and I have hd downstairs sky plus in the boys room and we have all the packages, I spoke to cancellation and said I watch the discovery programmer hubbie watches sports and boy watches movies and kids channel, (as I knew they would just offer me to cut down my package) I now have it half price for next 6months
You can cancel the £10 a month for HD and this means that you just don't get the sky HD channels, you get them anyway in non HD. It does not affect the terrestrial HD channels.
I called them and said that i was thinking of cancelling as it was just so expensive now, the woman on the phone said 'do you want to cancel then' and I said no, not really its just hard to afford, is there anything you can do to help me out? she then offered me half price package for the next 6 months, which for me was a saving of around £22 per month
Thanks for all the advice. I do really enjoy the Sky & HD etc, so didn't really want to get rid of any of it. But I have managed to reduce by 50% for the next 6 months! Just phone the cancellations department, explain how it is too expensive - but that you use all the channels, he then goes on hold for 3 minutes to his 'manager' and 50% off!
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