How do you make text into a link? do you make a link so that instead of the link showing up as being clickable, it comes up with a clickable word instead that takes you to the required link. eg. "funny", "youtube" etc that when you click it it will take you to the video you are wanting people to go to.



    just put www. infront of it if its large go to


    copy and paste the url

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    i mean like where you put a link in this forum and it will say "click" and it will be blue and underlined but you click on it and it will take you to or something instead of having the link….... being clickable

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    sorry if im not explaining myself well.

    highlight the word and click [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]


    highlight the word you want to hyperlink, then click, paste the link into the box and click ok.

    In the quick reply box, type some text, highlight it, click on the icon that has the world with a chain link on it, a box pops up, type in the link OK

    Or if you acually want to larn something.....
    yu have to type [ url= then in this space you put your link] the you write some thing here like "Click me" then you put [ /url]

    Obviously I have added in the space between [ and url ] as if not then it would have just done it as a clicky link, lol.


    come on mr potato head we r all waiting for this link and it better be funny :thumbsup:

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    ok i dont have a link but look at this ]Amazon


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    woow im learning! thanks everyone

    woment would fall at my feet????
    thats cuz theyd fall over laughing

    ive got 200 posts now whahoo

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    and what a great 200th post it was

    can u do the linky thing alright now

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    used the button

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    although i am interested in html coding.. i do want to learn it at some point


    thanks so much, always wanted to know how to do that


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