How do you pick the best dentist for value ?

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Found 23rd Nov 2016
Hey - Need to sign up for a new dentist but don't know which one to pick!


Do you just go for the closest one ? Is there a way to compare costs for check ups and treatments ? Probably need a filling or two as I haven't been for a while !


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If you can register as a NHS patient then its better even if you pay, if your private then it's pricey

If they are NHS then they all charge the same amount don't they?

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So anyone that is on that list should be fine ?


just go for the closest if you can get accepted in, if your on the NHS its the same cost. prices are here: nhs.uk/chq…=74

Just go for the closest. Prices are the same for all NHS dentists. Worth getting views from friends and neighbours, I'd be more concerned about the quality than the cost.

find reviews and take notice. Last dentist I registered with was nearly closed down for bad hygiene.

I went to a Dentist for 15+. Really nice guy. Would see for free if it was just minor cleaning etc..
He retired and so has to find a new one. Its just crazy how they are trying to make money.
Instead of 6 or 12 months for cleaning, they do some cleaning and tell you to come back few days later.
So they charge you. Last time I was there, the 2nd visit lasted less than 3 minutes. Got charged £36
for just the 2nd visit.

have to agree, make sure you find a dentist that others recommend, we have been with ours for 17 years, my wife even longer but recently we have noticed we were in and out in a minute. His treatment when needed wasn't good and since he was a one man operation we had to look elsewhere. New place is completely different.

NHS website has a reviews section for dentists
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