How do you put pictures on here?

Found 6th Feb 2009
Can someone explain to me how to put pictures on here, as i've been listing some things for sale but don'y understand how to add a photo of the items.
Thank You
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You have to host the images on sites such as, or photobucket. Then you get a URL to use to put images up on here
Upload it to the likes of, and then you can grab the links that were generated and share them on here. If posting these in a reply in a thread, click the image button and paste in the link.
open an account with photobucket
go to upload pics,browse then add onto photobucket the pics u want on here
once u have uploaded each pic if u hover the arrow over them a few links will pop up copy and paste the image link (IMG)
paste it onto your thread
also remember u can not post pics in your opening post
exactly what all of the above said :-D
I've put a pic on OP,go have a look if thats the right ones.
Thanks all for your help, i've now added some pictures.
hello guys,
am new here i need to sell wireless outer.. hw can i sell it.
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