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    How do you remove the time and dates from Facebook!?

    Im not quite sure if Im allowed to ask this.. but the help on Facebook is cr*p..

    I used have the 'wall posts' up without a time and date on, now they seem to have popped back up again..

    Ive gone into privacy settings, wall and news feed etc.. but I cant see any box to uncheck to allow me to write etc without the time and date being seen!

    Anyone know how to remove the time and date?? Pretty please!


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    looks like they have removed that option.... some people have a thread open... u could keep an eye on that to see if anyone answers it!

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    Yeah, I found that thread and followed the instructions etc, but it didnt work!

    Thank you though

    No probs!
    I'm guessing u want to hide it so no can see u on it at work?
    If you want to hide it for aesthetic reasons, u could add a filter in adblock on firefox:
    That will stop you seeing it, but when other people see ur profile on fb, they will still see the times!
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