How do you remove write protection

    from an brand new SD card. I want to copy files from my computer to it bit it says it's write protected.
    How can i remove it?


    hiya have a look for a wee switch on one side, thats the write protect switch


    I think you right click on it and 'format' ?
    I've never come across it myself though.

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    well, you wouldn't believe it - i've sorted it! I came across this…ed/
    tried everyting they said but still wasn't working. Read the replies on hotuk and triad to format the disk via computer rather than camera. It still said it was write protected, so i put the sticky tape on the side (as mentioned in the link above) and it worked! Finally - hope this helps someone

    Hi-tech stuff eh. That's what you had to do with old cassette tapes!!

    yes a common problem with HP pcs for the last couple of years now.
    stickey tape always does the trick

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    well, it worked first time and now i can't seem to get it to work on another - this is SOOOO frustrating!
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