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How do you reset a leappad ultra?

Posted 28th Jun 2015
We are selling my sons leappad ultra but I'm having stupid amounts of difficulty deleting all the data off. I just want to do a hard reset but there is nothing anywhere that tells me how to do it but don't want to sell it without deleting everything off of it first.
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We had this issue last year. You need to connect it to your computer...

LeapPad Ultra can be reset by syncing it to the LeapFrog Connect software. Once the software is open click on your childs name under the device then you can click on "Settings" and "Reset" once it is done running and ejected it will be reset.
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I tried this but it said i didn't have the necessary software to reset it
finally managed to get it done. I un-installed and then re-installed the software and it worked!!

Awesome, glad it worked.
Hi i just want to find out i got my susters sons leappad ultra but now i dont got the usb is there a ather way i can reset the leappad she dont now the perent paseword
Thank u
to by pass the parental code click on the parent button so it asks for the 4 digit code then enter 1 9 6 backspace 8 7 this will bypass the parent code then once in the parent menu click on reset code and enter a new 4 digit code

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