How do you tell if your 360 has the falcon chip?

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Found 13th Jun 2008
Im sure this has been mentioned many times before but just wondering how do you tell if it has the falcon chip?

I only bought it last week so I know its likely it does but I just wanted to double check.

Thanks in advance

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does it have Hdmi?

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yes, do all with HDMI have the falcon chip then?

no they dont

Just check the barcode sticker on the side of the Xbox 360 box. If you've got a Halo 3 edition console and it was built on Aug. 24, 2007, by team "FDOU" in lot 734, it's got the chip.

On any Xbox 360 you can look for a change in the power-supply specifications on the same sticker. If you see 175W, it's got the newer power supply used for the Falcon, 65nm processor.

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Sticked doesnt mention anything about the power supply so I guess not. Its a pro, Team:FDOU lot 0818

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found the answer myself now lol
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