How do you think online stores could be improved?

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Found 11th Jan 2008
Interested if any of you think that major improvements could be made to online stores that would make them for usuable for you?

Or do you think that there is a dead end with little room for improvement on the usability front?

Small man big dream :P

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i'd like to see more of them 3D picture viewing thingys you generally see on mobile phone review sites where you can rotate the item and see all the angles. there great!

not just more 3D but just more pictures, most sites just give you a stock photo, stock photos should be banned.


1. Stock figures to be accurate
2. Any discounts applied must be honoured rather than cancelling orders
3. Deliver items when they say they will
4. Sort by price option (quite weird how some sites dont have this and just give you a search list of say 150 items in a random order ( are the worst culprit).
5. Sort by ascending price rather than descending by default. Who wants to see the most expensive first? (take note Argos!).
6. To bill at point of dispatch rather than immediately only to refund weeks later once they decide they have no stock (Dixons!).

Wow,i do believe Grissom(csiman:thumbsup:) just hit the nail on the head.

1. Yes some sites could do without being to elaborate,keep it simple,show us more pictures of what we're buying from your site,not just 1 image(argos,,most sites),make navigation around your sites as easy as you make it for us to checkout,you guys got that down to a tee!!!!:whistling:

2. This site has become a bit like a maze to find your way around since its format change(preferred the old set up,simple and usable)

And last but by no means least 3. AMAZON- in stock means we'll take your order let you think your set 4a couple of days(until you have no possible way of getting it in time) then tell you you can't get that special christmas gift (Nintendo DS for the missus) till FEBRUARY!!!!! can you tell i'm still bitter about that lol:roll:

If issuing codes make them account specific if they do not want them to end up on a site like this. Tesco manage it so dont see why other sites find it so difficult.
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