How do you use iTunes without losing content on a jailbroken iPhone on a new PC?


    The missus has demanded more music on her iPhone. I've been ignoring this for a while as the laptop it was synced with has died (hard drive failure.) But more importantly, I'm waiting for a code from O2 to unlock the phone so a different sim can be used, which also means a sync is required. There is no escape... I need to use iTunes.

    Its a shame its not as simple as drag and drop for the music and apps, like it is on my android phone..... but thats another story!

    So all you "iTunes is so easy - my 6 year does it".... how can I transfer all the music and apps (including cydia etc) onto the new netbook into the itunes library, so will be included when it syncs.

    I note that "backup" only actually backs up the contacts and small data, and not the apps or music.

    I know I could spend half the day just reformatting and starting again from a factory reset and re jailbreak and add the music and apps I thought was on it.... but I thought I'd let you clever people show my how wonderful iTunes really is. I've been in this situation now so many times and failed every time.

    I look forward to a wealth of intelligent replies.... oh wait!

    OK, I'll settle for just one correct reply that isn't going to be a balls ache. You will be rewarded with a "like", which of course will be a much sought after "like" and more rewarding than any other you may have received. ;-)




    This information may be out of date, and someone might have made an app to do the lot but...

    You can't.

    Things have been improving, slowly, with Cydia backup tools, but there's no way(as far as I know) to back up completely and swiftly apps, jb apps, and Cydia.

    I have managed to do weird things by accident with hacked app store applications. For example I had tomtom installed (hacked), upgraded firmware, and the app didnt delete. It wouldn't run either obviously, but then when a jb came out, and I jb'ed, the app just started working again complete with settings.

    However, that's still not possible for Cydia apps (unless I'm out of touch,.. Which is possible )

    Use Pkgbackup from cydia to backup packages and cydia repos etc.

    I find that if you do not let the device actually 'sync' after updating the firmware (either by closing itunes, or unplugging the cable) the jailbroken apps do not delete.

    There are solutions to the itunes permissions problem. Google is your friend
    (As I cant really remember them!)


    LOL..... You mean installous I think?

    Where I wrote 'jailbroken'? Yeah, if you like

    - SinNful iPhone repo - for paid cydia apps


    I worry about you sometimes guv. We go over the same ground

    -yes itunes is ****
    -yes id still rather put up with it than use an inferior phone.

    what happens when you connect the iphone itunes?

    its straight forward u should be able transfer all the apps apart from the cydia tweaks

    all apps, hacked or not, will get sync'd. (appsync) (make sure you have add media to itunes library ticked in preferences, as well as the usual sync apps, ringtones, movies, music - basically everything you want backed up)

    now when i reflash a phone i just do a full backup, flash with new firmware (restore not upgrade)


    sort cydia out, install installous and appsync

    then just re-sync the iphone and restore a backup from before (not set up as new phone)

    everything else goes back on as it should.. its only cydia apps that u will need to re-do, but there is free versions of the apps that do that too..

    ur making it sound far harder than it is...

    android fanboy ;p

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    Glad you got answers Guv. My 6 year old said stop trying to use a device for purposes beyond the manufacturers guidelines and you might be ok.

    He said even as a 6 yr old he knows that you can't expect hacked devices to be supported like a standard device.



    Your choice dude. Personally, I'm glad I went for the superior phone … Your choice dude. Personally, I'm glad I went for the superior phone option!

    Yeah.... you didn't though?

    Guv, why did you allow your wife to get an iphone in the first place? You must have realised that it would be down to you to sort out the pile of crap in the end.


    Not sure if this is what ur asking but I use an app called logmein.

    Gives remote access to desktop, just drag mp3s onto the iphone and play. No need for itunes, never use it.

    I play tunes using oplayer


    Its quite simple actually. You can use your iphone on 5 different computers.

    -Download itunes on the new computer.
    - Log into itunes using the same account details that your misses uses for the app store (store>sign in-it will tell you how many of the 5 you have used)
    -Authorise the account (advanced-authorise)
    -Make sure the iphone has appsync installed
    -Connect iphone to computer
    -Right click iphone and click on Backup (this will take some time)
    -right click iphone and click on transfer purchases
    -then sync (your songs will appear in the iphones music folder)

    If at any point it tells you that you will lose data on your iphone, obviously cancel, but i dont think it should. Ive done this a few times myself, so i know its possible, but im just going by memory, so might have added an extra unnecessary step.

    If you want to transfer the songs from the iphone to the computer, so that you can listen to them on the computer even after the iphone is disconnected from it, then use Tansee iphone transfer…tml

    Ignore all of the above if you think ive misread your opening post
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    xbackup is the best tool for backing up cydia stuff for me,

    in the past when i needed to recreate my itunes library from my phone i used touchcopy ( a paid pc app, downloaded via bittorrent )
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