How do you use Quidco?

Found 28th Jan 2008
I'm wanting to know how i go about using QuidCo properly, i was recommended to it by a mate and iv registered and set it up (I think) but now im just wondering how i make money through it as i buy quite a lot online and most the sites i use are on there.

For example if i wanted to buy something from Game through Quidco im guessing you'd go here..…me/

...then click "click here to visit the merchant and earn cashback" but when you click that it just loads GAME up normally?!

Does it automatically track your orders or do i have to set anything else up or what?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It automatically tracks when you go through quidco
Make sure all your cookies are clear before clicking and maybe use a seperate browser for quidco to ensure it tracks.
as long as you link to the website from the quidco website it should automatically track the purchase
Alright, i use firefox and have trouble with some sites that do certain things so i might be better using Internet Explorer when buying through Quidco then.
Heat up the affected area and apply liberally.
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lol i really didnt think it was as easy as it is, sorry.
yes its quite simple to do. just type the name of the supplier then clock to shop, you wil get your money a few months later
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