how do you view the news?

    I'm just interested to see how people get their news and how they deal with it. Personally, I like to get the news from a range of sources (rather than relying on one) and am often reluctant to take anything at face value, even it if is widely believed or from a reputable source. I try to see why there are differing opinions and I always have questions about an issue before I assert an opinion.

    Of course, whatever view you take, you will be criticised - rightly or wrongly, depending on how you look at it.

    Some of the things I would like to know are -

    - What is your main method of consuming news?

    - Do you look at other sources of news or other views if a particular story interests you or suspect to be unreliable?

    - What do you think people think of you if you read a certain newspaper or watch a certain news programme? Do you care?

    - Will another view have any influence on you? (will it make you re-assess your own view or read more about a particular issue)

    - Do you think statistics influence your view? Do you believe them to be useful/reliable?

    - How important do you think the views of other people in the media are in influencing you and others? Do you always trust the judgement of a particular reporter or news source?

    - How useful do you think the internet for getting news and information on surrounding issues?

    Feel free to add any other comments. I'm not referring to any particular news story or news source, just your personal experiences.


    Lmfao, why do you wanna know about how we consume news?

    Bloody hell its like a you gov survery hehe

    I generally just use my eyes or ears innit

    :-( depressing...


    I dont listen to the news, nor do i purchase papers to read the news, i know what a sad place without the news :-(

    Read it on

    Watch it on TV (usually ITV1)

    Pretty much everywhere, or sometimes hear about it from friends and family.

    Interestingly, shows like Mock the Week, Dead Ringers, Have I Got News For You, etc can be a great way to catch up with politics and news!!
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