how do you vote hot or cold???

Found 26th Jan 2010
i cant vote on deals how do you do this???
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The red and blue arrows next to the temperature
Red = Hot
Warm = Grey square in between
Blue = Cold

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]Temperature & voting[/COLOR][/SIZE]The temperature … [SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]Temperature & voting[/COLOR][/SIZE]The temperature gauge is used to judge how hot a deal is, and if it should make it to the main front page. Once a deal reaches a certain temperature it is added to the main page of ]HotUKDeals. Anybody registered can click hot or cold on a particular deal, and this will increase or decrease the temperature. There are several factors which dictate the impact your vote will have, as explained by Admin below:So if you want to have a larger impact voting for deals, your best bet is to start posting your own hot deals, and the hotter they are voted, the more impact you will have when voting. To vote hot or cold on a deal, use the blue and red arrow buttons to the left of every deal. You can also vote lukewarm by using the grey square in the middle . If you are a new member, you may see the temperature move by very little, or not at all. If you see it take a big jump, it may mean that someone else was voting on the deal at the same time as you, and you see the cumulative effect when the page refreshes. If you are cold voting a deal, it is good forum etiquette to post a note in the deal as to why you have done so. There is nothing more confusing to a new member, than to post a deal, only to see it go cold with no explanation. If you found the item cheaper elsewhere, please let us know where and how. If you have no interest or knowledge about the deal at all, please don’t vote cold, just move on. HUKD has systems in place to detect serial cold voters, and it may lead to a ban from the forums, as it is against the code of conduct.

More useful info can be found here :

You won't see any effect until you have a higher post/ rep count.
i dont understand? - how do i make an impact???
if i post some offers? or if i vote more
And don't create multi ids to promote existing deals, another good forum rule.

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