How do you work an Orange San Francisco?!

    ***thicko alert***

    A friend at work has just got a new Orange San Francisco on my recommendation, which was based entirely on how hot the deals for it here seem to get - thought it must be a decent bit of kit!

    However like me, she's not got a clue about anything technical - I've got an iphone, and know nothing about Android phones.

    She'd like to get some basic apps and stuff like I've got from Apple, but the app store on her phone is the Orange one - everything is really expensive and there's a very limited range. Am I right in thinking there's an Android marketplace appstore? If so, how do we get to it?

    Any other hints & tips about the phone gratefully received!


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    Sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times - not finding anything on my level on Google!

    There should be an icon that looks like the android logo on a shopping bag a little like this -

    Thats the android marketplace and she will then have the option of sorting by price etc

    They here;…om/

    Everything you need to know. Ditch the Orange branding and reflash the rom (not as hard as it sounds). And the phone will fly. . .

    this is the android market place website, you can browse apps on your pc, then install on your android phone.

    you will need a google e-mail address

    There are loads of free apps on Android Market - forgot Orange Market - as Steve said debrand and unlock the phone removing all Orange guff that comes with it and you'll have a really good phone.

    Sadly the phone comes with customised software, which is branded with Orange applications preinstalled, to really make the phone come alive as others have said you really need to get rid of all that crap off it, tutorials on the modaco forum to simply remove all the Orange stuff on the phone.

    However to really make the phone that much more workable it is best to follow tutorials to put a different rom on it (2.2 - Froyo, instead of 2.1 - Eclair)

    If, however, she just wants to leave the phone as is (not advisable, with Orange bloatware its not a pleasant or speedy experience) then I am not sure if there is as standard the Google Android Market icon or whether Orange have replaced it with the Orange Market icon only to con customers into going directly through them.

    I literally bought the phone and unlocked, and installed 2.2 on it straight away.

    If they keep the orange ROM then tell them to look at the Bottom middle of the screen to access all the Aps on the phone. The Google Android Marketplace one is on there as well as the carp orange one.

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    Thanks very much for all the help. Have forwarded this thread to my friend.

    We've found the Android marketplace - don't know how we missed it before!

    Going to sit down next week and go through all the instructions for how to remove the Orange guff.

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