How does Amazon compare to eBay for selling?

Posted 23rd Jun
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of selling things through Amazon (marketplace?) rather than eBay.
Seems to give the impression of 75p + whatever else they charge for fees etc. (for basic sellers rather than business ones)
Not really sure how "fulfilled by Amazon" etc. works for Prime though (they do mention that they'll deal with packaging, postage etc. if need be which I assume means they need the item in advance?)
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You either sell stuff yourself as a third party seller and just piggyback their item details and be added to the ‘other buying option’ list, or you send all your stuff to an Amazon warehouse and they dispatch it and deal with the returns etc. This will be Fulfilled By Amazon. This costs more.
They take £25 a month selling fees as I was looking last week. If you want them to dispatch they charge more but I wanted the 1 item sale fees as I was thinking of few stuff to sell.

Also I was thinking who’s boxes you use if i stored the items.
It doesn't matter, there is no real seller protection from either of them. For one off items, try Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace first. And remember, cash only for in person exchange.
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I believe you get more screwed over by Amazon than by E-bay, hard to believe but it's possible.
You get a higher price on Amazon. But you get higher fees too. Amazon never run promotions like the £1 eBay listings, which can save a lot of money. Theer's also more category specific charges on Amazon, that can be surprising and confusing if you don't know about them. However, Amazon is more clear on the actual final fee you will receive (after fees/shipping etc), rather than eBay which is more 'pay later' - which can come as shock to some. Buyers on both will screw you over. That's people these days. Amazon are not helpful. eBay are marginally better.
I sold something for £9.59, and amazon took £2.63

I don’t know that percent wise
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