How does CEX work and do they buy import games.

I been hearing a lot about cex on hotdeals,

Could someone explain how it works if you want to sell a game to cex, as i see there is two figures for the games if looking on line

Plus lastly do you know if they buy import games or not.

I have a store not far from me and may give them a try as i seen some deals knocking about that cex will pay more for then buy them for


AFAIK - they only accept R1 and R2 dvds/games.
I'll leave someone else to explain it to you - as i've explained it a few times.


But you explain it so much betterer!

Well lucky for me - ha!

im off to bed now, college at 9.

night x

they give 3 prices:

WE PAY= that is how much they will give you for your item
WE EXCHANGE= how much store credit they will give you for your item
WE SELL= how much they sell your item after they buy it off you
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